What is this Box?

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This is an eHealth Box

The CTS-iCPE is the eHealth Box to use for care solutions where quality, security and stability are of vital importance throughout the whole chain. Professional Z-Wave secured communication together with battery back-up and wireless network back-up assure worry free eHealth services delivered and managed 24/7.

This is a Security Box

The CTS-iCPE is the Security Box to use for solutions where risk mitigation, real time control and installation protection are decisive factors implementing a smart surveillance system. A product with its design aimed to satisfy security requirements throughout demanding protection solutions.

This is a Real Estate Box

The CTS-iCPE is the Real Estate Box to use for enhanced management of multi-tenant real estate installations; including Eco solutions and Individual Metering. Modernisation of commercial property services takes a leap-frog from proprietary single-track solutions to open IoT enablers.


Are you interested in our safe, secure IoT Carrier Class box?
Please contact us at CTS or your local network provider.

Contact Information

CTS Northern Europe AB

August Barks Gata 21

421 32 Västra Frölunda

Mail: info@ctsystem.se

Telephone: +46(0)31 22 19 80


CTS certifies first Open Z-Wave Gateway Controller

Gothenburg. 23th August 2016. Connection Technology Systems Inc. from Taiwan has received its full Z-Wave Plus technical and marketing certification for their open Gateway Controller called iCPE. The product includes the gateway requirements needed for any secure and professional IoT solution: manageability, real-time monitoring, power back-up as well as 3G/4G Mobile back-up. The choice for an on-board Z-Wave module was the only possible one in order to add the needed long time battery life for smart devices and assure their secure and meshed wireless connectivity. Read more...

For more information: Mr. Bo Sahlström, MD CTS NE AB; Phone +46 73 663 19 70;
Email: bo.sahlstrom@ctsystem.se

Installation plate, secure sealing, cable protection and movement detection protect the solution.

CTS delivers the best DOA and RMA statistics in the Nordic Markets.

Low energy, highly secure Z-Wave technology for the best possible communication protection.

High availability with extended batteries including active power management and power safe modes.

Future proof solution by allowing additional new technologies to be included through USB.

State of the Art middleware for Management & Administration and Service application providers.

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